Spay & Neuter Certificates Available

Great news Honolulu!

Beginning July 30, 2012, the City & County of Honolulu will offer reduced rate spay and neuter certificates for cats and dogs at satellite city halls and the Hawaiian Humane Society.

The Honolulu City Council has designated $660,000 for the neuter program, twice the amount of last year, and the most ever since the program began in 1986.

“We’ve allocated more funding this year than ever in the history of the program since 1986. It costs the county very little as most of the expense is paid for by pet owners who buy the certificates and redeem that at a participating veterinary clinic,” stated Honolulu City Council member and budget committee chair Ann Kobayashi. “The county helps to subsidize only EBT card users who can purchase certificates at a $20 rate.”

Oahu faces a significant pet overpopulation issue with more than 30,000 animals arriving to the Humane Society every year. A recent Ward survey found that dog owners who sterilize their dogs have decreased 9% since 2008.

The Hawaiian Humane Society has agreed to administer this program for the County at no cost to tax payers or the City & County of Honolulu. The Society does this as part of its commitment to reducing overpopulation, supporting spay and neuter and supporting the County’s efforts to address pet overpopulation.

“We are pleased to announce the restart of this program from its six-month hiatus,” said Pamela Burns, president and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society. “This program, which makes spay and neuter affordable and accessible, is critical to getting more pet owners to sterilize their pets.”

The one-time fee covers the pre-surgery exam, anesthesia, surgery and removal of stitches (if needed). EBT card holders pay $20 per cat or dog sterilization. Veterinarians reserve the right to charge more for animals, age 3 and older, and dogs that weigh more than 45 pounds.

Certificate Rates:
- $40 for a male cat
- $50 for a female cat
- $125 for a male dog
- $150 for a female dog.

Purchase the certificates at Satellite City Halls and the Hawaian Humane Society, then redeem the certificate at a participating veterinary clinic. Some veterinarian clinics have additional charges. Veterinarians may decide if animals are medically fit for surgery and require vaccinations and other services prior to surgery. The following veterinary partners are participating in the reduced-rate sterilizations.


Participating Veterinarian Clinics

  • Animal House Veterinary Center 689-1797
  • Cat-Bird Vet Mobile Hospital 623-5466
  • Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic 626-7600
  • Mililiani Town Center Pet Clinic 625-6744
  • Waipahu-Waikele Pet Hospital 638-6370
  • Waianae Vet Clinic 696-4161


  • Animal Clinic of Honolulu 734-0255
  • Blue Cross Animal Hospital 593-2532
  • The Cat Clinic 732-8884
  • Kakaako Pet Hospital 592-9999
  • Kalihi Pet Clinic 951-8808
  • Kapalama Pet Hospital 841-2861
  • Ohana Veterinary Hospital 845-1762
  • The Cat Clinic 732-8884
  • The Pet Clinic 946-5096
  • The Pet Doctor 733-8828


  • Kailua Animal Clinic 263-8863
  • Makai Animal Clinic 262-9621


To request a certificate by mail or fax, download the form and send it to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Make sure to sign this form before you send it in.

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{source: Hawaiian Humane Society}

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